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Dryadic boast an impressive mix up of rhythms which underpin candid, heartfelt lyrics, traversing an acoustic spectrum with Eastern European influence at one end, and British trad-folk at the other. The Brighton based duo masterfully command their audiences with a inimitable balance of trad, new, alternative, romantic and political. Songwriters Zora (vocals, guitar), and Joanna (fiddle, guitar, vocals) formed the outfit in 2017 following the breakup of the gypsy folk-roots 5 piece - The Tatsmiths who were well known for their kicking performances at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Brighton Pride, Brunswick Festival, Shambala and more.

Dryadic's sets include magical, new tunes, old Tatsmiths' favourites, and a selection of traditional numbers. In the short time since they formed, they have recorded the EP, In My Blood, graced a number of Brighton’s finer stages such as The Brunswick, Latest Bar, The Marlborough, Pride, and further afield have supported Grace Petrie, played knock-out gigs for Folkroom Records, SistaFest and toured Poland. With their stripped down, all female, trad-folk feel, Dryadic look to connect their bodacious sound with music lovers everywhere and are often found serenading folk, queer and feminist communities.


The sumptuous harmonies melt seamlessly into bold, heart-soaring pop hooks, enthralling folk reels and stomping protest songs. Dryadic deftly deploy double guitar, fiddle, four-to-the-floor, dreamy melodies and percussive toys to bring their musings on the human condition to life, creating a captivating, magical sound that promises to ensnare the most diverse of audiences.

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